Breaking the 8 with Strategy and Tact; Kobina Amo-Aidoo is Ashanti’s Best Bet to lead the Youth

As the Ashanti regional youth contest heats up, certain dynamics have started unveiling itself and the surest way to break the 8 is through having a visionary leader who unites the masses and has the strategies and tactics to outwit the NPP.

Kobina Amo-Aidoo (KobbyChina) having served on the research and elections committee in Suame constituency, has also gained rich experience working with the electoral commission of Ghana as Presiding Officer during the MMDA’s – Metropolitan and Municipal District Assembly elections in Yenyawso Mossi Zongo (Manhyia North in 2014).

During this period all elections plans and procedures were mastered and deep knowledge on electioneering programs was equally gained. Hence, the wealth of knowledge and experience that can help the NPP break the 8 would have to be brought to the table and used strategically to maximize the votes going into 2024 general elections.

Breaking the 8 would have to be executed with tact and strategy and that’s the more reason why we need distinguished and exemplary leaders like KobbyChina leading the Youth front in Ashanti Region.

The wealth of experience eschewed by Kobina Amo-Aidoo (KobbyChina) puts him miles ahead as the best bet for Ashanti regional youth organizer contest to break the 8.

The humble personality of the “Gentle Giant” – and dynamic personality of Kobina Amo Aidoo (KobbyChina) is what Ashanti Region needs.
Kobina Amo-Aidoo.

STORY BY:Nana owusu Sakyi

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