New year savings; top 5 cost-effective things to shop online in 2022

And just like that, in a flash, 2021 is gone. With all the hopes and promises, all the cheers and tears. The successes and failures are all but distant memories now. Welcome to 2022! A few years after the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has seen many lives all over the world almost return to normal. However, with many different waves of the pandemic as well as a plethora of variants and strains popping up daily, everyone seems to still be on edge.

Over the past few years, two words have been on everyone’s lips.
‘Safety’, which practically forms the basic need in such times cannot be overemphasized. However, the other unmistakably important twin word happens to be ‘cost-saving’. Bread weaners have been lost, many fathers and mothers laid off from their jobs and a general level of hardship has caused a lot of people to be very conscious of how they spend. Jumia, Ghana’s leading ecommerce platform discusses the top 5 cost-effective items to buy online this new year.

Food / Groceries – Arguably the first thing that comes to mind when we think of survival or living life itself. Food! Can we even survive without it? Well, maybe for a short while. Even when we fast or starve for a while, the health implications are damaging. This new year, buying food or groceries online can help you save a lot of money. Online shops and food delivery services provide a wide range of options at discounted rates. This makes it possible for you to compare prices from different vendors in order to make informed choices. In some cases, new year promos make it possible for you to shop at heavily discounted prices as well. What’s better? You get the food/ grocery items delivered to your doorstep at reduced shipping fees or sometimes even free of charge.

Back to School items – The turn of the year always comes with huge responsibilities for parents and guardians. Immediately schools reopen, then there is that vital issue of school fees, feeding fees and other back-to-school items. This can get quite overwhelming especially after all the spendings during the Christmas and New year festivities. Books, school bags, stationery, provisions and other essentials needed for all levels of the educational ladder are in high demand. This often causes a spike in prices which isn’t pleasant for any parent or guardian. Buying these items online saves a lot of time and cost. Online shops like Jumia are running ‘’Back to School’’ promos with heavily discounted items of up to 50% while giving away some of these items for as good as free. Getting all your orders conveniently delivered to you at home or picking up at a station close to you also saves parents the hustle and time of roaming through town to buy these items. Online delivery and its related shipping/ pick-up fees are also more affordable.

Clothing & Cosmetics – ‘’New year, new me’’ they say. What about changing that wardrobe and getting rid of some old clothing? Sometimes that’s all you need to kickstart the new year. A fresh start is always better with fresh clothes if you can afford them. This helps to also get rid of old, unused clothes. You can even gift them out to other family members, friends or the needy. Where else to find good quality but less costly shoes, bags, shirts, skirts, trousers, underwear, make-up kits etc? Your guess is as good as mine! Clearance sales are ongoing everywhere this new year with new trends coming up and brands needing to get rid of old stock. This is the best time to take advantage and shop. For employees returning to work, what an opportunity to go back into that office looking ‘’dapper’’ for less

Electronics – At the end of each year, many top electronic brands clear out their warehouses and shops to make room for the new year releases. 2021 models or older are sold online at heavily discounted prices to make room for 2022 models. Smartphones, laptops, refrigerators, air conditioners, blenders, microwave ovens, audio devices etc are selling fast this new year and many customers are saving a lot. With the ongoing African Cup of Nations as well, this may be the best time to buy that television set and soundbar or home theatre system you have always wanted.

Airtime, gift vouchers & bill payments – Although this may not traditionally pass for an item to shop for online, it has become increasingly important that we pay our bills and buy airtime or internet data through online platforms like JumiaPay to save cost and time. Sitting in the comfort of your home or office while paying for your electricity, water, DStv and other bills has become the new normal. These days many people buy their apple gift cards, PlayStation vouchers and do other financial transactions online. This helps to save a lot of time and money as they avoid the long queues, traffic and human interaction. Although online payments may attract some charges, this is cost-effective as compared with physically going to the service providers one by one to pay all the bills.

It’s a beautiful brand new year with so many months, weeks and days to go. It is important that we save a lot of time and money on anything we can. The above list is not exhaustive and based on your own needs and preferences, you can go online and shop for all your essentials.
Have an amazing 2022!!!

Credit : Bennet Otoo(Jumia Ghana)

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