Embark on House to House SIM Registration or Else….. – Oblieman Overlord tells Telcos

The Overlord of Oblieman in the Ga West Municipality in Accra, Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I, and Chairman of World Human Rights Council (WHRC) for Ghana and Africa has charged the Telecommunication Companies (Telecos) to embark on house to house SIM cards registration.

He angrily but soberly maintained that if the Telcos did not see reasons to go from house to house or community to community to re-register the SIMs of Ghanaians, he would be forced to remove their masts (poles) on hìs lands as a protest.

The Oblieman Overlord challenged the Telcos to respect their customers in the country by considering house to house registration of SIM cards to ease the burden of people crowding at their (telcos) offices to have their SIM cards re-registered.

He alluded that the people or workers who go to sit at the offices of the Telcos from dawn to evening just to register their SIM cards to avoid the threats of the NPP government, affects productivity seriously.

Nii Oyanka I, quizzed the motive behind ” the so much noise on digitization Vice-President Dr. Mahamoudu Bawumia touted all over and at the end no Ghanaian could re-register with the shot code *404#; and people have to travele to far centres to struggle to re-register SIM cards again”.

He opines that, “we cannot leave our homes and offices to join a long queue for sim card registration when these Telcos can easily build up applications to help Ghanaians re-register their SIM cards at the comfort of their homes”.

“…..the Telcos are making lot of money profit from Ghanaians and they have all to loose if Ghanaians refuse to register and have their sim cards blocked”, he iterated.

“Why, these Telcos and their trained agents can go from house to house to sell their SIM cards and do marketing, but they can’t do house to house, office to office SIM cards re-registration, how?”, King Oyanka I, quizzed angrily. 

The Oblieman Mantse though lauded the SIM cards re-registration exercise, but noticed that a lot of condemnination was due to the poor manner the exercise took off, because Ghanaians have to leave their jobs or businesses just to join queues to re-register SIM cards when an app could first be developed for the people to register from home.

“Isn’t it surprising that people go to buy new SIM cards and they are told the chip has been registered already; and question is, in whose name was the chip/sim card registered and why so. And people use such already registered sim cards for lots of dubious activities”, Nii Oyanka I, lamented.

Nii Oblieman described the long queues at registration centres as wickedness and deliberate attempt to frustrate Ghanaians and further spread the COVID-19 pandemic for “monetary gains”.

He disclosed that some Telcos have masts on his lands where the royalties paid to him are being taxed by the government; so following hard to understand what is going on with the registration, he is also expected to go and join the queues early dawn to register his sim cards, wow, it’s a difficult exercise, Nii Oyanka I, bemoaned.

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