Alhaji Asuma Banda’s Impersonator Grabbed

The Greater Accra Regional Police Criminal Investigation Derpartment (CID) has arrested one, Abu Zakari who parade himself as Alhaji Asuma Banda.

The said Abu Zakari is alleged to have been forging Alhaji Asuma Banda’s signature to transact businesses in the innocent business mogul’s name.

This morning’s arrest, we have gathered has to do with an unlawful entry into the Antrak Air head office, in Accra, some few months ago .

Abu Zakari tried to broke into the Antrak Air office at airport residential area in Accra few months ago and the son of Alhaji Asuma Banda, Fidel Asuma Banda called the police to arrest him.

He was granted police enquiry bail but failed to report back to the CID nor answer their calls when they tried to reach him on several occasions.

The police intelligence mounted surveillance on him and was picked up this morning at the La Magistrate court.

He was in court in the company of Edwina Babaa Cousey, the second wife of Alhaji Asuma Banda.

Our sources alleged that Abu Zakari and Babaa Coursey have been coniving to carry out the nefarious acts.

The suspect, Abu Zakari is currently under interrogation at the Accra Regional Police Command.


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