Ignore The Ignorant Twist by Afenyo Markin And His Cohorts on E-Levy…NDC MANIFESTO On Financial Inclusion

There is nothing like taxing E-transactions in the NDC 2020 Manifesto.

All the Networks have charges they impose on customers who use such platforms. MTN has a ₵1 charge on a ₵100 transaction. That of Vodafone differs.

The NDC manifesto stressed on making those charges uniform and even less, considering the plight of ordinary Ghanaians.

Prior to this input in the manifesto, and also the experiences the party had with SUBA solutions and general fraud among the telcos, the party decided never to shortchange the network user.
The party also thought of compensating the network user for previous poor services by the telcos.

The NDC is different from the NPP.
The NPP siphons from the poor, whereas the NDC relieves the poor from hardship.


Lawrence Lamptey
The Scientific Socialist

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