Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs Behind Bloodshed In Prampram- Kingmakers

The Elders of the three ruling gates of Prampram in the Greater Accra Region, Abbey Doku Mansro We, Tetteh Djan Larbi Agbo We and Kwei  Opletu We have accused the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs for the incessant bloodshed  in Prampram.

In a statement signed by Seitse of Prampram, Nuumo Osabu Abbey stated that most of the cases were against the embattled Paramount Chief of the area, Nene Tetteh Waka known in private life as Michael Quarcoopone that has been imposed on them as Prampram Mantse.

According to the Seitse or Stool Father Nuumo Osabu Abbey, since the imposition of Nene Tetteh Waka on them, Prampram has witnessed number of contract killings of which Nene Tetteh Waka has been mentioned as the main suspect.

These killings, according to Nuumo Osabu Abbey, were all targeted at people who rose or rise against the rule of Nene Tetteh Waka.

Numo Osabu Abbey said, it is rather ridiculous that despite a number of cases before the Judicial Committee of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs against Nene Tetteh Waka, some which had the Osudoku Matse who is the President of the Regional House of Chiefs as the presiding Chair of one of such cases against Nene Waka, Nungua Mantse King Odaifio Welentsi who is the Vice President of the Regional House as the chair to the substantive case, the two maneuvered to see to the gazette of Nene Waka at the National House level on the 22th December, 2021 even though a hearing notice for the substantive case against Nene Waka had been served on the 28th November, 2021 but the plaintiff refused to appear.

According to Nuumo Osabu, though the plaintiff refused to appear for the hearing, the Registrar forwarded a CD form signed by the Nungua Mantse who is the chairman of the sitting and was backed by the President of the House, Nene Osudoku.

This has left Nuumo Osabu Abbey to wonder which judgment served the basis for the gazette.

He wonders how someone who the National House of Chiefs earlier ruled against can soon be granted gazette by the same House.

Nuumo Abbey also fingered the Registrar of the Greater Regional House of Chiefs Enoch Addo in what he described as a shady deal in getting Nene Tetteh Waka a gazette.

According to him it was the same Registrar who served the hearing notice for 28th November but went ahead to verify his CD form for the gazette on 22nd November.

Nuumo Osabu said a Symbol of Authority was supposed to be thrown to the next in line for the kingship by the Family Head of Kley Tsokunya, but the Head of Family was killed on 26th October in a meeting requested by the Prampram Traditional Council.

He wonders who then threw the symbol of authority for the installation of Nene Tetteh Waka.

He also indicated that the Makralo plays a key role in the installation of a Mantse at Prampram and since the Mankralo was also killed in a similar manner three years ago, he wonders which Mankralo aided the installation of Nene Tetteh Waka. 

He said Nene Waka has never seen the black stool so cannot be a chief.

Nuumo Osabu pointed out that they have petitioned the government and state institutions such as the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Minister for Chieftaincy and Culture, Inspector General of Police, Speaker of Parliament, Vice President of the Republic  and the President himself and no action taken.

He said the silence of state institutions resulted in the serial killings and unrest at Prampram.

Leadership of the three gates have therefore appealed for assistance to end the unrest in Prampram.

Below is the copies of the petition and the statement.

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