President’s Boy Threatens To Demolish 65yr Old Lady’s House

Madam Sofia Godoh, a 65 year old woman, a resident of Alajo for the past 40 years, will have her property illegally demolished by the President Akufo Addo’s bodyguard, Nii Ayi Quay I, to pave way for his vehicle to pass.

Nii Ayi Quay, since his enstoolment as Alajo Chief, has subjected the people with nuisance orders trying to force his way to have whatever he wants.

He has sacked traders who do brisk businesses to feed their families under the hard economic situation.

These traders have been rendered jobless by the
actions of the chief.

Our investigations reveals Nii Ayi Quay would not heed to the plead of the old woman to stay away from her property.

The tyrant Akufo Addo’s boy, we have learnt could not back track his plans to have the old lady’s house demolish, insisting to execute the mission.

As part of his moves to scare the old lady out of her house for him to have his way, packed an excavator in front of the house.

Some residents who spoke to this portal on condition of anonymity said the chief has become so lawless because of the President.

Our checks at the Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly revealed that the Assembly was not aware and did not sanction any demolishing exercise.

Staff of the Assembly were tight lip on the issue.

Concerns raised by some members of the community as to why an individual would rise up to demolish structures and houses without any dialogue, documents and state authorities.

Site plan cited by this portal shows that there was no plan road where the old woman’s house situated.

We are monitoring the turn of events and will Ghanaians update on how some people close to President Akufo Addo abusing powers and authority at the expense of the poor at the weak in society.

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