All you need to know about online deliveries, return policies and refunds

Over the past decade, Ghanaians have seen a massive shift in their shopping behaviours and patterns. With improvements in technology coupled with the impact of the internet, shopping today is not the same as it was some 10 years ago. E-commerce has taken a greater proportion of shopping these days and although it hasn’t completely replaced traditional shopping, the cost & time saving, convenience and safety of shopping online has won over more and more customers. Today, nearly every Ghanaian adult buys their essential needs online. From large electronic appliances to groceries and other day-to-day needs, nearly almost everything can be found online.

The great benefits of online shopping make it quite easy to overlook some of the shortcomings and challenges. The biggest of all these shortcomings are associated with returns and refunds. What was ordered versus what eventually got delivered has been a challenge that usually deters many Ghanaians from shopping online.

After the items have been delivered, what if the size is different? What if I don’t like what got delivered? What if it got to me broken? What if I want to return it? How do I do it? How do I get a refund? These and many more are the questions on the lips of many online customers. Jumia, Africa’s leading e-commerce platform explains how refunds and returns work and all you need to know about them.


Sometimes, just sometimes you imagined an item will be one thing only for you to receive the item and it’s the opposite. Size, colour, shape, design and all the other specifications are always stated on the website or app where you place the order. It is advised that you go through them carefully to be very sure before you place the order to avoid any uncomfortable situations. However, if the item you ordered is genuinely not what was delivered and you need to file for a return, here is how to do it.

Log in and go to ORDERS. Then click on the order of the item(s) you wish to return Select the number of items you wish to return, the reason for the return and input more details to help the company identify the issue with the product.

Select your preferred refund method (Usually the same method through which you paid).

Choose your ideal return process: You can either return the item yourself to one of the eligible drop-off stations or contact the delivery agent that delivered your item to pick it up. Check your information and submit your return request.

Sometimes, your refund is not processed or you find it difficult to return your item because you flouted some of the basic rules. To avoid future incidents like this, here are a few things to note about returning your online order.

You have up to 15 days for eligible items to make a return request after your order has been delivered. After 15days, you cannot return that item unless advertised otherwise through promos and campaigns.
Place the item(s) in their original packaging with all accessories, including any tags, labels or freebies.

Once your returned item is received, it will be inspected and your refund will be processed within 10 business days depending on your selected refund payment option.

REMEMBER! Not all online orders can be returned.
If your item was ordered from the following categories, it cannot be returned:
Health and beauty
IP or TV subscriptions
Food and supermarket

Aside from these, there are some general pre-requisites for returning an online order.

  1. The product and its package should be in a good state (not broken or spotted)
  2. The product state should match your return reason. Your reason should be genuine and correspond with the return specifications which can be found on the website.
  3. The preferred refund method and additional details must be provided along with the request.
  4. Every returned order is checked by a team to ensure it meets all the requirements.
  5. Call / Chat with any of the customer service representatives if anything else is not clear. All contact details are on the website and mobile app.

One crucial component of online shopping and e-commerce is TRUST. This conversation gets critical often when money is involved. Customers are often very concerned when they return their items and are waiting for their refunds. However, not all returned items can be refunded and there are certain requirements to ensure a successful refund.

In the event that your return reason is verified and approved, customers are refunded as per their preferred refund method selected during the return process. This can be between 48hours of request or up to 10 working days after the request is processed. It may also be longer depending on the payment option selected by the customer. On the other hand, when the return is not approved, there is no refund and the item will be turned back to the customer.

If your return is rejected, JUMIA will contact you and provide you with the rejection reason along with the item’s return shipment status. For the promo items note that you’ll always be reimbursed for what you paid only. ie: If you ordered a promo product at GH¢200 while its original price was GH¢400, you’ll be reimbursed the GH¢200 you paid.

In order to grant a higher level of transactions security, opening packages on the spot before payment is not authorized anymore. However, customers have the possibility to return their items in case they find any unexpected issue with them (for example in the unlikely case that it was the wrong item). If there is a problem, please follow the Return Policy and you will be supported.

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