5keyreasons why valentine's day must be celebrated

All too soon, a new year is here and the second month of the year is with us again. Work and life go on as usual and then you start to see everything around you turning red. YES! It’s that time of the year again when LOVE is the greatest topic on the table. Young or old, everyone is talking about Valentine’s Day. Questions fly left, right and centre about why people should wait all year for just one day to show love to their spouses or friends.

However, Valentine’s day means more than just a day. It’s the season! The season of love. Why do people invest so much time, thought and money into this season? Going shopping, placing orders online, buying chocolates, ordering flowers and many other activities lead the way at this time of the year. Jumia, Africa’s leading e-commerce platform, discusses why this season of love must be celebrated.

You may know the history of Valentine’s day and may have celebrated it year on year for your entire adult life. This however puts a greater perspective into why we need to celebrate it the more.

Love is cheaper at this time of year – Maybe this is the perfect time to say ‘’Love doesn’t cost a thing’’ right? During the Vals day season, there are deals everywhere. Whatever you are thinking about gifting that special person in your life comes at heavily discounted prices.

There are sales ongoing everywhere, especially online. Online shopping platforms like Jumia are running promos of up to 50% on selected love gifts like chocolates, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, food, flowers etc. You can also use online deliveries and logistics carrier Jumia Logistics to deliver your gift safely to your loved one at reduced fees. If you ever needed the perfect time to spoil your lover while saving a lot of money, this is it!

Remind your loved ones that you still care – Life can run so fast that basic responsibilities can sometimes be overlooked. Unintentionally we go through life without even remembering to show our friends, family and lovers that we care so much for them. Valentine’s season is a period where we have a unique opportunity to remind these wonderful people that we love and care so much for them. Gifts, dates, calls and messages go a long way to rekindle these good relationships.

Although we shouldn’t wait for one day or season to show love, it always helps to remind them about the affection you feel towards them when the whole atmosphere is filled with love.

Time to spread love – Valentine’s day or this season is not only reserved for people we know or have fundamental relationships with. Have you ever thought about the less privileged or maligned in society? The widowed, orphans, street children, aged, sick and other less fortunate people? Who shows them, love, at this time? Valentines is a time to spread love to all these people. To care for them and make them happy. Individuals can visit them, spend time with them and gift them with basic essentials.

Corporate institutions can also make it a CSR to visit and donate to these orphanage homes, street children, widows and people suffering from various ailments. E-commerce brand, Jumia is one of such companies that have over the years dedicated itself to spreading the love around this time to such beautiful people. In 2021, they donated nose masks, sanitisers and gloves to street hawkers and children in Accra while educating them on ways to protect themselves against the virus.

Celebrate life and make memories – Apart from spreading love and reminding our loved ones that we care and love them deeply, Valentine is a season to celebrate life and create new memories that last a lifetime. Many people use the term ‘’YOLO’’ sparingly. Well if we only live once, then once is enough to make great amazing memories. Life is fleeting, nothing lasts forever except memories. This means we need to make the most of the time we have with the people around us. Do something fun and exciting, make each other happy and take as many pictures or videos as possible. If you love social media, post these videos/pictures and tag them.

So with just a few days until Val’s day, it’s time to start ordering those gifts online. Make those plans with loved ones and live your best life. Show love spread love and be loved. Happy Vals Day in advance.

‘’Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile’’. – Franklin P. Jones.

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