NDC Kingpins Root For Alhaji Sherif As Natl. Vice Chairman

As the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) begins the processes to elect branch, constituency, regional and national executive members of the party, some anticipated delegates are mounting pressure on the National Executive Committee(NEC) member, Alhaji Sheriff Nasiru to contest the position of National Vice Chairman.

Alhaji Sheriff Nasiru is known among the party folks for his generosity and support for the NDC and Zangos across the country.

Speaking to some party folks who are possible delegates in the Greater Region, they revealed that the man, Alhaji Sheriff Nasiru is the best candidate compared to others who will want to vy for the National Vice Chairmanship position of the party currently.

According to them, giving the current support Alhaji Sheriff gave to the party in most zngo communities alone will give him automatic victory when the party opens nominations and to the day of the polls.

Nonetheless, NDC need strong candidates at the national levels who will ensure victory for the party in 2024.

Our checks reveals that Alhaji Sheriff is under pressure not to turn down invitation by the grassroots of the party to contest for the position of National Vice Chairman when nominations are open.

Some of the grassroots who spoke to thealhajj.com in Accra have vowed to take over his campaign when the party gives candidates the green light to do so.

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