Hun Boxing Federation Appoints King Oyanka As Country Representative

The Chairman of the World Human Rights Council for West Africa King Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I has been appointed as the country representative of Hun Boxing Federation.

King Oyanka will be in charge of the introduction of HUN Boxing in the country.

“For your representative authority of the HUN Boxing Federation in your country is to introduce the Hun Boxing mixed martial arts branch system of the spread and organise the Hun Boxing”, Professor Dr Yilmaz Baygul.

King Oyanka expressed his profound gratitude to the leadership of the Hun Boxing Federation for appointing him as the country representative of Hun Boxing Federation.

The Hun Boxing sports and mixed martial arts  branch, the close struggle that the soldiers of the Hun empire have made, combine the armed and unarmed close combat techniques of the art of war by grand master  Yilmaz BAYGUL by putting the Hun boxing name in the name of sport and mixed combat art branch in accordance with today’s modern era.

It is a branch of sports and mixed struggle art, which is triying to spread to the World.

Hun Boxing Federation, officially establihed in the Eskişehir by the  founder  president Grand Master Yilmaz BAYGÜL in 2014.

The general assembly  was held in 2014 and the center movid to Istanbul.

He continues his studies  and activities under the  chairmanship of Grand Master Yilmaz BAYGÜL as Hun Boxing Fedration.
Hun boxing is a Turkish Mixed Martial Arts.

It consists of 4 technical distances against the opponent

  1. Punch distance, 2. Kick distance, 3. Knee and elbow distance, 4. Tilting

Hun Boxing is divided into two parts as amateur and professional.

1)  Amateur competitions: Semi Contact, Light Contact, Full contact, Musical form (With or without tools Combat body workout fitness)
2) Professional Competitions:

  1. Hun Boxing-Combat
  2. Hun Boxing-Mixed Martial Art.
  3. Hun Boxing- (HB-1)

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