Too Many Beggers On Our Street, Sack Them – CSO Boss Charges City Authorities

Street begging is becoming lucrative in Ghana amongst certain group of people and a serious nuisance in the country under the watch of the Greater Accra Region.

This nuisance activity in the country has become a menace in the country where these beggars involve their children in the act.

The Executive Director of Center for Muslim Youth in Peace and Development (CMYPD), Mr. Umar Adamu was appalled with the activities and has appealed to the city authorities to clear the streets of these beggers.

According to him, most of these beggers came into the country under the pretext of trade and end up in the street begging.

He alleged that some agents who are involved in human trafficking are behind these migrants coming in to the country from other African countries.

Mr. Adamu reveals that countries where most of them migrate from includes Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Mali and Burkina Faso.

He expressed disappointment at the office of the National Chief Imam for not coming out to condemn such obnoxious act since it is totally against the teachings and practices of the Islamic Religion.

The Executive Director for CMYPD explained that these beggers drag the name of Islam into disrepute and tarnish its image.

He called on the Muslim youth to rise up against such act to save the image of the religion.

The CMYPD boss made the call during an interview with in Accra on Monday.

“This is a disgrace act and the Islamic religion is totally against it, the youth who are majority must rise up against the beggers to safe the image of the region”, he stated.

He also added that “the traffickers and the traffickies are taking the freedom in Ghana for granted by invading the street and harassing people to take money”.

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