Serwah Broni May Be The Next To Address This Nation After The Finance Minister

When a president of a republic, ignores constitutional requirement such as ADDRESSING THE NATION in the first quarter of the year, and hides behind his brother to give a forecast of things to come, after their crisis meeting in Peduasi, you can’t help but to accept the failure of the inept person you voted for.

When dishonest people are not ready to tell the people of Ghana the truth, their first choice will be the avoidance of the floor of Parliament, because Parliament is a house of record and liars can not save their faces.

When you lose an election, but steal the crown by force, this is the egg you find on your face.

Running away from Parliament, where you swore an oath, simply means running away from the people. You can hide in your house on Sunday night and call us fellow Ghanaians, it means nothing to anyone. Go to Parliament where our representatives are!!!

We can only get this from an incompetent and hollow president who is not even abreast with where we are. Autopilot presidency.

How can a president who knows his brief, and knows how bad the economy is, get out of a crunch economic meeting at Peduasi with an excuse to attend a friend’s funeral, and a speech and price giving day at a school that is not even his alma mater. Is he serious?

The finance minister who has led the mismanagement am told is going to address the nation, and not presenting his resignation letter. Anokwale!!! Which contract do we have with him? We voted for his brother not him. This is the result we get when the president can not free himself from nepotism. A Government of family and friends.

I won’t be shocked, when the next news breaks that Serwah Broni will also be addressing this nation on behalf of the minister for women and children, since the minister has gone AWOL.

Never in our lives have governance been cheapened in such a manner. When noise makers say we have the men, you can only respond indeed !!!

The disappointment may be weightier on the side of those who had hopes in them. But for us, we can only pray for better days ahead.

Kun fa Yakun

By: Godwin Ako Gunn

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