I’m ready to cut 40% of my salary if Ken Ofori Atta’s Data Bank will contribute just 20% of illegitimate monies they’ve acquired — John Jinapor

The Member of Parliament for Yapei-Kusawgu constituency John Jinapor has said he is more than ready to contribute 40% of his salary to the national purse on one condition.

He noted that he will agree to government’s pay cut measures if Data Bank owned by the Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta contribute 20% of the monies it allegedly acquired illegitimately.

In a discussion on ‘Good Morning Ghana’ on Metro TV on Friday, he stated that Data Bank owned by the Finance Minister had amassed so much wealth illegally.

According to him, all the bank does is sell bonds.
“I am ready to do 40% of my salary if Ken Ofori Atta’s Data Bank would contribute just 20% of the illegitimate monies they have acquired from the raising of loans and bonds under this administration to the state.

“We are all contributing to the state so if Mr. Ken Ofori Atta’s Data Bank is willing to contribute 20% not 40% of the illegitimate monies, billions of cedis they have appropriated from the loans that have been contracted under Mr. Ken Ofori Atta himself; if they do that you can count me. I am willing to sacrifice to that level,” he intimated in the discussion

According to him, “all they do is what they call bond market specialty. It’s nothing, but they sitting in the comfort of their office and choosing companies that will give loans to government and they benefit hugely from those loans.”

He alleged that the illegitimate money acquired by Data Bank is what has led the country to this “quagmire. It is what has led us to difficult, unpredictable situation where today as we speak this economy is in deep crises.”

His comments follow the expenditure cut measures announced by the Finance Minister on March 24, 2022 to restore the ailing economy.

As part of the measures, heads of SOES are expected to contribute 30% of their salaries from April to December 2022 to the consolidated fund.

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