GIMPA: Dean Of Students, Some SRC Executives Accused Of Plotting To Impose Samini On Students As SRC President

Students of Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) are accusing some executives of the Students Representative Council (SRC) and the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Augustina Akonor of plotting to impose Emmanuel Andrew Samini popularly known as Samini on the students as their SRC President, citing breach of the SRC constitution among other things as evidence.

The students’ body has started the process to elect new executives for their SRC. The process, which is expected to be completed by next semester because students are almost done with their examinations, is faced with controversies because some SRC executives and the Dean of Students allegedly want to forcefully proceed with the election during the examination period to get Samini elected as the new SRC president.

Speaking to the ‘Daily Post’ yesterday, some of the students say they have petitioned the Dean of Students but the Dean has not intervened, giving grounds to their suspicion that he is also part of the scheme.

Interestingly, the Dean of Students is responsible for resolving such controversies.

The students further alleged that Samini is a truant who lacks the moral locus to contest for any election to lead students. They explained that the class attendance, quiz and examination records indicate that Samini has not attended lectures, missed quizzes as well as end of semester examinations.

They further hold that Samini has not met the minimum qualifications to be SRC president because he has not been a member of the General Assembly of the SRC; he hasn’t been a member or observed meetings of the General Assembly of the SRC. This General Assembly, they explained, is the grooming platform for future SRC office holders and student activism. It is constituted by representatives of all classes in the school from level 100 to level 400. It is a learning platform where most students build their public speaking acumen, learn about legislative processes and generally shape their leadership skills.
According to the charged students, Samini who is a staunch member of NPP is trying to use his fame and popularity to bulldoze his way into leading the GIMPA SRC.

They said the current administration of the SRC has made it very obvious that Samini is their choice.

“They have displayed this notion in many ways. Samini’s school political handler is the current president of the GIMPA Business School and is the chief campaigner for Samini.

He has led him to interact with many students and has consistently declared that Samini is his choice and he will do everything possible to make him the president of the SRC”, this paper was told.

“It will be a gross disregard for the SRC constitution and a breach of moral responsibility exercised by the SRC and its affiliate electoral commission if Samini is approved to run for the elections after the vetting process”, they said.

The students vehemently accused some key management staff of the institution of being part of what they assert is an illegality by secretly having meetings with Samini and rooting for him to be the next SRC president of GIMPA.

It will be recalled that Samini came up for public bashing after he tried to denigrate a young security guard at the gate of the University of Ghana for doing his work by denying Samini exit through their tolled gate since he did not have the right exit pass. Incensed that the security man was doing his work as he should, the musician recorded him and posted it on his social media platform, trying to court the public’s anger against him.

However, his action boomeranged when the public lashed out against him, accused him of being arrogant and suffering from delusions of grandeur. This forced him to eat humble pie and quickly delete the post.

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