High Court Exposes Envyness Of Fievie Over Soga Royal Stool

The High Court in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region has exposed a Group purported to be elders from Fievie Traditional Area challenging the legitimacy of the Soga Family.

Out of envy and jealousy these crop of faceless elders and one Francis Lawe aka Francis “Soga” filed a suit against a Soga family member, Zikpuitor Negble Godson for contempt over an announcement to inform the general public on the vacancy on the Soga Royal Stool.

Lawyer Awuku Doe-Atakli, who doubles as Stool father for Fievie Traditional Area, and Counsel for these faceless persons and Francis “Soga” were seeking the court to convict this real Soga family member (ie. Zikpuitor Negble) for contempt.

They claimed the respondent, Zikpuitor Negble was contemptuous for announcing to the general public of the vacancy on the Soga Royal Stool last year, 2021 on behalf of the family who are the main custodians of the Royal Stool.

The late Chief of Sogakope, Togbe Avudzagra Soga I,

The content of the announcement made was, “the Principal Elders and the entire members of the Soga Family, home and abroad wish to inform the general public that, after the departure of the occupant of the Soga Royal Stool, Togbe Avudzagra Soga I, who was duly gazzetted as Dufia of Sogakope, there was NOT any form of enstoolment or installation of a successor to the Togbe Soga Stool”.

“The Principal Elders of the Soga Family further wish to inform the general public to disregard any form of directive(s) from whoever holds himself as the Dufia of Sogakofe”.

This announcement did not go down well with these unscrupulous and faceless persons, who, information to The Alhajj revealed that they have fiticiously installed a convicted criminal, Freeman Lawe aka Freeman “Soga” as chief of Sogakope; and they quickly ran to seek for legitimacy from the Judicial Committee of the National House of Chiefs, NHC, Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

That notwithstanding, Her Ladyship Justice Doreen G. Boakye Agyei (Mrs.) ruled in favour of the Real Soga family that the announcement was legitimate, and she dismissed the request of the desperate plaintiff, Francis Laweh aka Soga and his faceless assigns from Fievie who were seeking the court to convict the respondent (ie. Zikpuitor Negble) for contempt.

Her Ladyship, Justice Boakye-Agyei further explained in her judgement that the announcement the Soga family made through the perceived contemnor was to urge the general public to exercise restraint until they come up with the legitimate chief on the Soga Royal Stool at the appropriate time.

The Sogakope High Court also exposed the Counsel to the applicant (Francis), Awuku Doe-Atakli, stool father, Fievie Traditional Area, of his inability to understand and ground his contempt case against the Respondent (Zikpuitor Negble) of Soga family on the well-known grounds for contempt.

The discerning people of Sogakope suspected that the contempt suit filed against Zikpuitor Negble Godson of the Soga Family was a scheme being ocastrated by these faceless and desperate elders including Fievie Stool father who ran to National House of Chiefs, NHC, Kumasi, to seek the Judicial Committee to stop the Soga family from installing a legitimate Dufia of Sogakope.

Atsuga Soga (The Tilapia Thief who was clandestinely installed as chief of Sogakope)

Sogakope High Court even detected that in their suit at NHC to injunct the Soga family from installing a chief, they did not make mention of installing someone or Freeman “Soga” as the new chief for the area; as they hid that to outwit the Judicial Committee of the NHC at Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

Court documents from Senchi available to The Alhajj further indicated that Freeman “Soga” who these unscrupulous faceless persons have fiticiously installed as the chief of Sogakope was convicted for stealing seven fingers of tilapia fish at Juapong in the Eastern Region.

Out of their bitterness and envy, the faceless crop of these elders of Fievie including their Lawyer Stool father, schemed to make Francis “Soga” aka Abiz-bay, a by-force Soga Stool father and challenging the capacit.

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