NDC Launches Ghana’s Administrative Book To Preserve History

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in its quest to preserve the country’s history, the party has launched a book titled ‘Administrative History of Ghana’.

The over 1500 page book gives factual and vivid account on how Ghana’s democratic despensation and the fourth Republican adnistration was formed.

Various speakers including the 2020 running mate of NDC presidential candidates, Prof. Nanaa Jane Opoku Agyemang commended the author of the book.

The NDC ‘s running mate suggested that the book be made available to schools and public libraries for students to enhance their research work.

She stated at the launch of the NDC’s Admistrative History book that the NDC described asliberals are the same party to have documented their history based on research and fact.

“This is also a unique party in a sense that even though some accuse us of not reading and haven’t been to school and all, isn’t it the same party that has come up with a book? So what does it tell us about who we truly are? So this act alone upsets many misperceptions about us,” Naana Opoku-Agyemang stated.

The National chairman of the NDC also stated why the launching of the book was timely looking at the way the country its been run by the NPP.

Chairman Ampofo indicated that for the intervention of the NDC in infrastructure development, the death toll of the country could have escalated when the pandemic broke out.

According to him, there are attempts by government to distort the history of the country.

Mr. Asiedu Nketia, General Secretary of NDC took his turn to slam to numerous lies by the NPP government.

He accused the NPP of attempting to distort the history of Ghana that the book has corrected.

The author of the book, Mr. Israel Dzabtor explained how he came by the idea to write the book.

Given his account on the journey, Mr. Israel Dzantor revealed visiting some living legends to get fact of certain events in the country.

He also revealed how the NPP tried to pay money to some individuals to distort the true history of Ghana.

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