Vehicle And Asset Dealers Bare Teeth At Govt

Vehicle and Asset Dealers Union of Ghana (VADUG), has accused government of deliberate attempt to push them out of business.

They also accused government of creating monopolized market for foreign investors.

On 1st September, 2022, the Customs Amendment Act. 2020 will be implemented to provide an incentives to the Automotive Manufacturers and Assemblers registered under the Ghana Automotive Manufacturers Development Program (GAMDP).

But according to the car dealers, the policy will not creating a level playing ground for industry players, thereby favoring foreign vehicle Assemblers.

Executive members of VADUG

At a press conference held yesterday in Accra by (VADUG), the Executive Secretary, Mr. Frank Atanley Kofigah called on government to scrap the 35% penalty import on 0 to 5 years completely and maintain the Korea Trucks mode of shipping.

He said the announcement by the government to kick start the Amendment Act before the September 1st came as a surprised to them.

The dealers are seeking relief from the government to restore the bench mark values and stability of the local currency.

“If this Act is implemented what this will mean is that the following artisans in the Value Chain will be affected : Ghanaian shippers from abroad, clearing agents, towing drivers, straighteners, auto mechanics, and auto electricians”, he mentioned.

Other sectors that will be affected he further stated includes auto sprayers, AC mechanics, key programmers, upholstery, auto alignment, washing bay and DVLA assistants.

Mr. Frank Atanley warned that these artisans would lose their livelihood if government fails to heed to their concerns and continues to implement the insensitive bill.

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