Asoma Banda’s Wife Turns Pastor

The embattled second wife of Alhaji Asoma Banda, Edwina Baaba Coussey Banda has been ordained as Rev. Sister.

The ordination comes at the time she is in tangle with her husband’s family over the whereabout of their father and why no one is allow to see him except her alone.

Her claimed of Alhaji Banda doesn’t want to see his family turned out to be false after the Adantan Circuit Court Judge, Her Highness Sedinam Awo Balokah stormed the house to interact with him.

The ordination ceremony held few weeks ago and was supervised by the Prophet Samuel Addison, General overseer of the Harvest Chapel International in Accra.

She is currently known as Rev. Mrs. Edwina Baaba Coussey Banda and has become fully confirmed prophetess.

Though, the newly ordained so-called prophetess has refused the family access to visit the oldman despite his condition and court order at where she locked him up over the last three years.

According to the family members of Asoman Banda, she lied to that she had converted to Islam with Samira as her name only for them to hear that she has been ordained a Reverend Sister.

Relatives have expressed their disappointment to hear such a deceitful character being ordained as a Reverend Sister.

Three years after the incapacitation of Alhaji Asoman Banda, Edwina Baaba Coussey has now turned to the church without the knowledge of the man.

Information coming from the residence of the Antrak boss shows that Edwina Baaba Coussey has been inviting pastors to the house to offer prayer for her husband. source gathered that the oldman demanded on several occasions to visit the mosque but she keeps denying.

Questions have been raised as to why she is keeping the oldman from his immediate family and not allowing him to visit the mosque as he wishes.

The one time business tycoon has been allegedly kidnapped by his second wife.

She has also denied his business partners and friends access to visit him.

It is obvious Edwina Baaba Coussey is planning something fishy against the family and his business empire.

Efforts by the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Dr. Nuhu Sharubutu to get her allow the family see him fell on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, it was ordered that she gives the family a full access to the house after the senior wife took the matter to court.

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