Osu Ashante Blohun Gets Development Queen mother

A United Kingdom Based Philanthropist and a native of Osu Ashante Blohun has been installed as Noryaa Maanye to facilitate development in the area.

Under the stool name Naa Odofeley Akumetu Wornor I the newly installed Queen mother is known in private life as Halimatu Mustapha Doodo.

The coronation of the newly installed Noryaa Maanye attracted Traditional Chiefs, prominent Zongo Chiefs as well as well-wishers.

In her remarks, Naa Odofoley Akumetu Wornor I indicated that her first area of concern is to unite the various factions as well as promote peace for development.

Naa Odofeley Akumetu Wornor I called for unity among the people of Osu in order to champion development in the area.

According to her, disunity and division retard development and progress in society hence the need for the people both home and abroad to ensure peace in order to move Osu forward.

She added that there is the need to maintain peace in order to forge ahead with unity of purpose.

According to her the major challenge confronting most communities in the traditional area is teenage pregnancy and assured that measures will be put in place to ensure that the menace is drastically reduced in the Osu Traditional Area.

Appropriate stakeholders she said will be engaged to address the issues of teenage pregnancy in the communities.
She advised the girls to focus on their education and skill training and desist from engaging in early love relationship.

Naa Odofeley Akumetu Wornor I indicated her willingness to educate the youth especially the Girl-Child to desist from any act that would ruin their lives.
She urged them to stick to their books rather than roaming around aimlessly, especially during the night.

She added that with dedication and hard work they will be able to provide all their needs in the near future should they remain focus on their education.

“Most of the young ladies are been deceived with phones, pizza among others but I tell you if you focus on your education or skill training you will be able to attain everything for yourself” she advised.

On his part, the Dzasetse of Osu Ashante Blohun called on the newly installed Noryaa Maanye to work hard and bring development to the people of Osu Ashante Blohun.

Source: Muhammed Faisel Mustapha

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