Ayawaso East NDC Chairmanship Race: Alabi Outlines Vision To Lead

The aspiring constituency chairman of the Ayawaso East branch of the National Democratic Congress, NDC, Mohammed Ramne a.k.a Alabi has outlined his vision to lead the party in the constituency.

Mohammed Ramne rose from different positions where he has been supporting the party with logistics and funds over the years.

As part of his generosity, he helps the needy and keeping faith with the party grassroots.

The grassroot kingpin has three most top priorities ahead of 2024 elections which includes: youth empowerment, party unity and victory for the NDC Parliamentary and Presidential candidates.

Mohammed Ramne indicated that human resource development will be a center revolution of the area when he becomes the Chairman of the constituency in the upcoming internal elections.

Mohammed Ramne in an interview with Al Hajj Online after going through vetting process, pledged to support the vision of NDC Presidential and parliamentary candidate to win more votes in the Zango communities.

Alabi said he would ensure equitable distribution of resources to all the branches.

As part of his youth empowerment agenda, he would be engaging branch members with skills training alongside empowering the women’s wing.

For him Ayawaso East has the best youth competency that will help drive the developmental agenda of the community in the next NDC administration.

According to Mohammed Ramne, he is bringing different style of leadership to ensure the next NDC Government gives attention to Ayawaso East.

While outlining his vision for party at the constituency, he will also focus on uniting the ranks and file of the party to come on board to maximize the votes to secure victory for the NDC.

Alabi is also known for his strong determination to protect the interest of the NDC.

His decision to contest was seen by many as timely and the 2024 elections demands leaders with strong forces to stand the threat and bullying of the NPP led vigilante forces.

Aspiring Chairman Alabi has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he has what it takes to lead the NDC in the Ayawaso East constituency.

His connection to the youth and the aged is unmatched and was considered as additional factors that could attract many to vote for the NDC if he’s elected chairman.

Delegates have already shown massive endorsement of his candidature ahead of the Ayawaso East Constituency primaries/elections.

He described his number 3 position on the ballot as in line with his vision to bring change to the NDC in 2024.

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