Black Stars Win Depends On The Interceding Of 575 Righteous People – Man of God predicted

The Co-ordinator for Kingdom Center Consortium Ghana, Rev. George Nikoi Kotey says, it is possible for Ghana to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup but said, the nation have to fulfill certain conditions.

According to the man of God, it is indeed true that the players have been well trained by the coaches and the technical team yet, the entire nation have a role to play in the World Cup victory.

‘The nation is expected to provide the minimum number of Ghana population which spiritual science requires to kick start a change in our consciousness. This number is truly representative and significant. In other words, this number has the efficacy to stand for the total population of Ghana which is approximately 33 million”.

This according to Rev. George Nikoi Kotey, was a secret known and used by the ancient prophets. “When the patriarch Abraham was interceding with God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah, that wicked nation could not produce the barest minimum number representing the total population necessary to achieve salvation. Abraham mentioned 50,45,30,20, and 10. But none of these numbers could satisfy the minimum requirement. So only the righteous Lot with his household were saved”.

He added that, conventional science has also recently discovered with DNA and other studies, that this minimum number could be obtained by finding the square root of one percent of the given population.

“If Ghana’s population is 33 million, one percent is three hundred and thirty thousand and the square root of the one percent is 575.456, approximately 575. We need a minimum number of 575 to jump-start the process. Take note that the higher the number the more effective the operation will be”.
The volunteers needed Rev. George Kotey revealed, should be people who are selfless and determined to only seek God’s glory and also, they should be people who acknowledge Ghana as the current Spiritual or Kingdom center of the world and also acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Theocratic Ruler of the World on behalf of the Almighty God and Ghana as His Spiritual Capital”.

Ghana he averred, currently doubles as the geographical center and the Kingdom/Spiritual center of the world.” And so, we are qualified to claim all God’s promises given to Israel in her capacity as the former Kingdom/Spiritual Center of the World”.

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