HRH Nii Kenkeenfior Establishes Online University

Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka(King Oyanka) I, the overseer of the Anamase Royal Council and the Abola Piam Royal Council of Ga State, decendant of Great Benin Kingdom of West Africa installed and appointed Michael Allan Sheffield as King of Finance for Anamase Royal Alliance Council of Akyem Bosome Traditional Area and Abola Piam We Royal Dynasty Council. 

On December 22, 2022 marks the completion of Nibiru freedom University.

The University is an online education smart system engineering to deliver live stream classes allowing the world to access education 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

Nibiru University key features consist of real life course training allowing students to access life skill coaching classes, mindset development classes, occupational skillset development, buisness operation, buisness development skills buisness opening skills.

The focus is to enhance the mindset of each student that enrolls into the University.

Once a student develops a mindset, that mindset allows them to take action.

After being taught Nibiru Freedom University’s 5 key principles includes 1. Knowledge 2. Understanding 3. Wisdom 4. Mastery 

  1. Monetization.

“Once you seek the knowledge about something you begin to understand, once you understand that turns to wisdom, once you have the wisdom embodies the teachings to become a master, once you become a master then you can monetize the craft with art and elegance”, the statement added.

The statement continues that “once you monetize the craft then you become wealthy beyond you imagination”. 

“Every live class in Nibiru Freedom University operate from our 5 key principles. We have created a system that will allow anyone with a dream to achieve the goals by re-educating themselves and become self employed”, it added.

Michael Alan Sheffield also known as His Royal Highness King NII Kenkeenfior has partnered up with Titanya Johnson, a well renowned Writing Coach & Author with 14 Publish books she has helped create 200 plus Authors with book in amazon, walmart, target, barnes & nobles to her credit in the publishing world.

These 2 power houses has united to enhance African education system giving every school in Africa an opportunity to increase the education level of there school system.

His Royal Highness King NII Kenkeenfior stated “I created 4 pillars of education during my life time.These 4 pillars are health, spirituality, finances, and law. These 4 pillars are the only things that matter. When it comes to real life education”.

On her part, Titanya Johnson said “Me and His Royal Highness have designed a complete set of educational books teaching  business development, company structure, business operation principles, website development, product creation technique and skills, product order fulfillment technique and skill, product sourcing and distribution skill. Just to name a few subjects we cover in our Business education book. We also created a book writing literacy program, this program will teach men, women and children how to write a book, structure its publishing and book release techniques. We have designed a course that will allow our students to build a website & sell their books internationally”. 

His Royal highness has described the project as history in the making.

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