KNB Promises Opponent Contest Devoid of Acrimony.

Mr. Kofi Nti Boateng (KNB) National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Candidate hopeful for Ahafo Ano South East Constituency in the Ashanti Region has promised his main contender, Mr. Yakubu Mohammed, a contest devoid of acrimony.

Interacting with Mr. Yakubu after the Constituency Executive reconciliation meeting with those who contested same and loss at Adugyama, KNB assured opponent of a fair contest.

He added that unity after the parliamentary and presidential elections is what he cherished most.

According to him, working in a political environment where members support one another leads to victory. Members will be happier and they have an easy time supporting each other. Happier members are more productive, helping to boost the party’s bottom line.

The astute politician pointed out that one of the main elements teamwork will provide is collaboration to finish large tasks. Members will work together, and will support one another to complete takes on time. Members must be able to talk to each other in an open environment where they can share ideas and feel respected.

KNB as Mr. Kofi Nti Boateng is affectionately called indicated that as members work together instead of against each other, there will be a decrease in party conflicts. When the party is focused on an environment of team thinking versus individualized thinking, everyone will have a chance to submit their ideas. Listening to all ideas allows people to come to a conclusion that everyone agrees upon.

He added that when individuals work together and trust one another, it allows them to feel safe and comfortable in the workplace. This can provide a significant morale boost to the party as members are happier in the works. When people appreciate their works and the people they work with as leaders, they will stay with the party longer.

“As individuals work together in an environment where they feel supported by their co- party members, they have an easier time coming up with new ideas. The creative thinking process is vital to the success of the party as people need to rely on each other to brainstorm new ideas. Having different point of view allies a party to become successful”, he concluded.

Story: Idris Ibn Mohammed

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